My story

I moved to Australia with my family in 2018 after a 25 year career in project and programme management, primarily in financial services. I was based mainly in the UK, working for some of the largest international banks in the world and so dealing with many different cultures and management styles including American, European and Japanese. As you can imagine this was a career with varied assignments, such as New York, Moscow, Singapore, with a real mix of highs and lows. I built and led many teams, developing people to believe in themselves and their talents. I was fortunate to work on many different projects with some great people but there were times where I felt I was seeing the worst of people, doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. And, looking back, there were moments when I was one of those people!

I was a triathlon competitor and coach for a number of years. When preparing for longer events such as Ironman, I came to understand that training my mind was just as important as training my body. As a coach I enjoyed helping people develop themselves and to reach goals that they never thought were possible.

I am accredited as a life coach with the Life Coaching Institute of Australia, have attended a variety of leadership courses, and hold a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Together with my business and personal experiences I am able to help people who want to live a better, more fulfilling life. I will ask you the difficult questions that make you stop and think about what you are doing and why, and how you can change.

You already have the answers deep inside you – my role is to help you bring them to the surface and then take action.